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Want to know more about Nourish & Grow - Natural Lamb? Check out the following questions.

What are your priorities?

Animal welfare, soil regeneration and quality over quantity form the philosophy behind Nourish & Grow - Natural Lamb. Managing the land and our animals in conjunction with nature ensures water absorption and organic matter is increased, soil health is improved, biodiversity is built and carbon is captured.

What do your lambs eat?

Newborn lambs are nourished from their mother’s rich and abundant milk supply. As they develop they graze on a variety of native plant species which grow naturally in our paddocks. These provide them with the nutrition their bodies need for strong growth development. During a dry period, we may have to supplement our animals with extra feed to ensure their health and wellbeing is maintained. Our animals are fed a mix of fresh oaten or lucerne hay, mineral licks, protein sheep nuts and molasses.

Are you Certified Organic?

Our property Glenace and Nourish & Grow Natural Lamb are not certified organic. We have researched this certification, but given our size and the ongoing costs, it wasn't the way we wanted to go. Our animals are raised ethically in a natural free-range environment in Western NSW. This provides them with open paddocks growing native pasture for food, trees for shelter and secure fencing for safety. They are free of growth hormones and managed using holistic principles and low-stress stock handling methods. Our lambs are as close to organic as you can get for our area but without the certified label and accompanying price tag.

What is your view as a farmer on taking a life?

As a producer and manager of animals, we both take our roles seriously. We respect our animals and their purpose within our business. Every animal we manage is provided with the essentials for a happy, safe and stress-free life during its time on Glenace. The result is contented animals producing an exceptional product. By establishing our paddock to plate service we can extend our care beyond the farm gate. We don't have to transport our lambs hundreds of km to saleyards where they are frightened and stressed through the commercial process; where our identity and story is lost. We are grateful to them for the joy and contributions they give daily; from watching them grow and play in the paddocks, improving our soil and producing a nourishing and healthy nutrient-dense protein for ourselves and others to enjoy.

What areas do you deliver to?

Presently our fresh lamb is available to the residents of Cobar, Dubbo and Farmgate to Plate - Burraneer, Sydney. Delivery to Cobar residents is free. Dubbo residents and surrounding areas can pick up from Nathan at Darling Street Meat House, 273 Darling St, Dubbo, Mobile: 0408 599 995. Please ring before arriving to ensure your lamb pack is ready. Farmgate to Plate have our lamb available when we're able to supply. This will be advertised through our socials.

What does the meat taste like?

Nourish & Grow Natural Lamb has a little sweetness to it which is enhanced with a wonderful depth of flavour when cooked; especially a slow melt-in-the-mouth lamb roast.

What price is Nourish & Grow - Natural Lamb?

Our lamb is priced at $16.50 per kg and does not attract GST. This charge is over the whole carcase. The carcase weight is the weight of the animal after it has been slaughtered with the head, skin, feet and intestines removed. For example: if you order a half carcase and it weighs 16kg, you will be charged 16kg carcase weight x $16.50 per kg = $264.00 in total. This example of a total price covers the whole paddock to plate journey. From lambs being mustered into our woolshed yards, lamb selections being made, transport to the abattoir for slaughtering (105 km), refrigerated delivery to Dubbo for professional butchering into your order selections, packaging and transport to Cobar where we deliver to the address on your order or for Dubbo orders collection is made directly from Darling Street Meat House , Dubbo.

How often can I order?

Ordering dates will be advertised on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages. We are a small business, with a limited number of lambs. If you know how much of our products you are going to eat, please consider ordering enough to carry you through to the next ordering period to avoid disappointment.

How long will I have to wait for my lamb?

The process from leaving the paddock to being delivered to you will be approx. 10 days. We are not a feedlot or factory farm so it does take time from ordering to delivery.

Do you sell individual cuts?

We don't sell individual cuts. Our focus is on providing you with a variety of meal solutions ranging from the prime cuts to the secondary ones, at an economical price of $16.50 per kg.

How old are the lambs before they are sent to the abattoir?

Animals just like humans grow at various rates depending on their diets, environment and genetics. We focus more on their weight and feel a good live weight for our lambs is around 50-65kg. This would equate to a 25-32.5kg full carcase weight or 12.5-16.25kg half carcase weight. Please note these are approx. guides.

How are the lambs processed?

We transport our lambs to the Nyngan Abattoir (105kms) as close to their slaughtering time as possible to minimise their stress. The carcase is then transported in a refrigerated van and delivered to Darling Street Meat House, Dubbo. It will hang in a coolroom for a period of time, to allow the glucose and enzymes present in the meat to break down the muscle tissue, resulting in better flavour, texture and tenderness. Your carcase will then be butchered into your order selections.

Have we missed anything?

Please get in touch if you have any further enquiries – Ann 0458 186 592 or John 0418 363 118.

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