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The wait for this was sooo worth it!!! Our lamb turned up today from our local lamb farmers and it did not disappoint. Best Lamb I've ever tasted, and their sausages!!! OMG
Natalie, Cobar

We were fortunate to be treated to a delicious roast lamb experience cooked by Ann Crossing of 'Nourish and Grow'. We also had the opportunity to observe the healthy, placid Dorper/Australian White sheep that John and Ann manage under planned grazing on their visibly regenerating land with a measurable increase in biodiversity.

Ann had promised us a very special menu. After several hours of slow, well-seasoned cooking we were served the delicious lamb roast. 'Melt in your mouth' with delicate flavour and a clean, refreshing taste.

The lamb was accompanied with a Tuscan style tomato-olive-cheese casserole and roast potatoes. A very memorable meal! Thank you - Shirley and Brian, Guyra

Loved your relish and Nourish & Grow sourdough bark, absolute hit for the holidays.
Deborah, Grenfell

We had the lamb shoulder last night and it was beautiful, so tender, from the first mouthful. Thank you for such a good product.
- Therese & Gordon, Cobar (repeat customers)

Good day Ann, So far so good, loin chops very good, cutlets to die for, had 2 where 1 would have been enough, and we really enjoyed one of the half legs. Top marks to both of you. - Barry & Judy, Cobar

We loved the lamb! And hubby was over the moon with the loin chops - they are his favourite. - Erika, Cobar

Beautiful meat. Love the sausages and rolled roast so far. - Katrina, Nyngan

We love the sausages. Have ordered more again this time. Thanks Ann and John for such a quality product. - Tara, Cobar (repeat customer)

The relish and sourdough bark is amazing!!
- Tim, Tocumwal

Tried the sourdough bark for the first time and WOW! I'm hooked. It's incredible!
- Silvana, Cobar

Oh my where do I start! I received our half lamb last week and tried a chump chop. Oh so delicious and filling, no way I could of eaten two! Next day I put the lamb necks in the slow cooker and cooked them all day on low. The flavours were amazing, so delicious. Tonight we tried the lamb and rosemary sausages and again, really yummy. I would highly recommend @nourishandgrow_cobar to anyone... DELICIOUS.
- Annie, Cobar

So picked up my first order of half a lamb yesterday, have been waiting so long to try this lamb, but due to the drought, I had no choice, but wow sooo worth the wait, tonight I tried the rack of lamb, well not the whole rack it was too much for one meal! But melt in your mouth, tender full of flavour. So much taste. I can only imagine what the rest of it will be like, the size of the chops.

I had already discovered the sourdough bark on nourish and grow's web page and it tastes so fantastic, taste buds in bliss after trying this and teamed with the beetroot relish, it is fabulous. I picked some up when I went through Cobar for work. Excellent for travelling to snack on long drives and I love the different varieties which caters to all tastes yum!!!!. So glad I found this page and got to try these fantastic products.
- Zelda, Manildra

We had the opportunity to share in a special meal of Nourish & Grow Natural Lamb recently. What a wonderful experience. The roast leg was cooked to perfection; juicy full of flavour and so tender. A meal we will remember for a very long time. If Nourish & Grow was available in SA I would buy it – a wonderful couple producing a great product.
- Heather & Adrian, Adelaide

I loved the rich colour and flavour of the relish. The bark complimented the relish perfectly and both products smelt beautiful. I used the relish on the sourdough bark and also enjoyed it on homemade chicken burgers and salad sandwiches.
- Pauline, Cobar

The fresh and clean aromas from cooking through to eating is unbelievable. It's been many years since I've enjoyed a piece of lamb so much. Highly recommended, the quality is obvious.
- Jenni, Cobar

I enjoyed the relish. It has great colour and aroma. It was lovely with ricotta cheese together with the rustic homemade sourdough bark. I also put a couple of spoons of relish in a mixed spinach salad. Good on hamburgers too.
- Loretta, Melbourne

Received our lamb tonight and of course had to have some for dinner. We thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to try the rest. Highly recommended.
- Trudy & Ben, Cobar

The relish is very moreish with an enjoyable after taste and a good amount in the jar. I liked the texture and the natural and rustic appearance of the sourdough bark. My young son also enjoyed them. I had the relish with meat and also with cheese on the sourdough bark. Both products were very versatile.
- Jessica, Cobar

Your lamb is beautiful, so tender. Best lamb chops I've had in years. I cook most meats these days slowly for a long time to make sure it is soft to eat otherwise I find the meat tough but I fried these cutlets and they were very good. Thank you for all your efforts to produce good quality meat.
- Therese & Gordon, Cobar

Many thanks to Ann and John from Nourish & Grow, outback Cobar in NSW for sending the Combo Pack (comfort pack) to the big smoke. Sourdough bark (combination pack of 5 flavours - Old Man Saltbush is my favourite) and caramelised beetroot relish - delicious! Went beautifully with a Coonawarra (South Australia) area Majella Sparkling Shiraz (dangerous at any time).
- Wendy, Melbourne

I enjoyed a chop for breakfast - something I haven't been able to do since leaving the land!.. And I couldn't resist keeping a sausage out of the fridge when I was unpacking the box - sausages and mash never tasted so good.
- Elizabeth, Cobar

Well done, Ann & John – absolutely loving everything.
- Marion, Carinda

I bought some of your wonderful bark. It made the best gift. Love it!
- Kylie, Cobar

The combo pack of sourdough bark is already gone and the relish is amazing. I can't believe Cobar is hiding this secret. I'll be back for more.
- Nerida, Cobar

The caramelised beetroot relish and sourdough bark are seriously amazing. So yum. I'm sending some to my family on the coast.
- Jessie, Cobar

Absolutely beautiful lamb! We have had this many times and unable to fault it. We have tried Ann's slow cooked lamb leg recipe and I must admit we will cook the lamb like this from now on. Also a great place to visit!
- Mark & Amy, Narrabri

Thank you Ann and John, I have just cooked one of your delicious legs of lamb, using the cooking method that you recommend. I rubbed the lamb in a sea salt and rosemary rub placed in slow cooker with 1-1/2 cups of water, and cooked on low for 6 hours. The meat was so succulent, flavoursome and tender.

The best I have ever eaten, and my family thought so too. I will never cook lamb any other way from now on. Thankyou for your delicious product.
- Marion, Carinda

Best slow-cooked lamb roast ever - can thoroughly recommend Nourish and Grow Natural Lamb, from Cobar, NSW. The love and care shown in the raising of stock, and indeed in every step from paddock to plate, creates a truly premium product.
- Wendy, Melbourne

We love your lamb, the cutlets and loin chops were devine as well as the sausages. The lamb ham was amazing, we have never had it before and it was just beautiful, such a lovely change from pork.
- Amanda, Cobar

Thanks John and Ann, will definitely be ordering again. The meat is amazing and great value.
- Jo, Dubbo

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